Tencel® Fabric

Mens black eucalyptus t-shirt that is made in the USA

Tencel® Fabric

When considering performance wear, Mother Nature brings a lot to the table. Mainstream fabrics such as polyester, spandex, and nylon are seen in the majority of the active-wear market.

However, plant based fabric offers similar if not better performance features without the negative impact on the environment. Of all the plant based fibers there are, TENCEL™ is perhaps our favorite.

A very newly developed fiber derived from Eucalyptus wood pulp, TENCEL™ is a cellulosic fiber which prevents the growth of bacteria. Despite being such a strong, durable material; TENCEL™ feels similar to silk on skin and doesn’t pill so it’s guaranteed to be a quality clothing item for a long time.

Extra features

TENCEL™ cellulosic fibers are naturally structured to manage the transportation of moisture. Submicroscopic canals between the microscopic cellulose fibers regulate the absorption and release of moisture, which contribute to your performance of physical activity by keeping your body pleasantly cool and dry.

Bamtech is the first US-Made Activewear brand to bring TENCEL™ to the Men’s sporting apparel market. Once you try it, you’ll understand why we call it our favorite.

the process to make the eucalyptus tree fabric made from tencel
Eucalyptus tree that is turned into tencel fabric
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Highly breathable

Because Tencel is made up of nanofibrils, which means minuscule fibers, this allows for the sweat to evaporate. 

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Moisture wicking

The woven fibers of Tencel® makes this fabric moisture wicking. 

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Superior lightness

Because of the Nanofibrils in Eucalyptus this shirt is lighter than other fabrics.

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