Recycled Polyester

Some will argue that recycled fabrics are some of the most sustainable. However, recycled fabrics still use resources and energy but not nearly as much as regular polyester. New Polyester is comprised of coal, Ethylene ( Petroleum ), air, and water. When put together under heat, the process uses a large amount of energy and resources which is terrible for the environment.
                                                                                                                      RPET ( Recycled Poly ) Fabric on the other hand cuts outs the Ethylene and Coal extraction which makes it much better for the environment. Plus, collecting plastic bottles from landfills helps to aid waste reduction. These plastic bottles are then shredded into flakes and melted into pellets. Once turned into pellets, they are spun into a yarn. 

Extra features

It takes from 7-9 plastic bottles to make one T-shirt. Buying a shirt, shorts, or sweatshirt made from Recycled Poly is certainly a more sustainable option. However, know that Recycled Poly is still non-biodegradable and takes many years to disappear when thrown away. We can guarantee that our products made with Recycled Poly will last you for years to come. 

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Highly Durable 

Recycled Poly is just as durable as regular poly but much better on the environment. 

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Recycled Poly is more silky than cotton and performs great through any training condition. 

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Because Recycled Poly doesn't retain moisture, it is easier to care for and does't require tumble drying after washing.

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