Bamtech's CEO, Brent Kappes, appeared on FOX News to discuss the company's bamboo performance boot socks, focusing on their durability, comfort, and eco-friendliness. The segment showcased Bamtech's commitment to creating innovative, sustainable apparel in the USA.
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The Modest Man recently featured Bamtech in a glowing review of our bamboo-based athletic wear. Highlighting our commitment to sustainability and quality, the review praised our innovative use of natural bamboo fibers over common synthetics like polyester. It noted the high quality, comfort, and eco-friendly benefits of our products, despite a premium price and limited color options. Recommended for those seeking durable and sustainable workout apparel.
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Bamtech received a mention in CORTIS Magazine, where the article discussed the challenges of finding good workout gear. It highlighted the drawbacks of synthetic materials and commended Bamtech’s USA-made bamboo apparel for offering a comfortable, durable, and sustainable alternative for workout enthusiasts.
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Featured in Uncrate, our Bamtech Long Sleeve was part of an all-black, active outfit designed for tackling any task with ease. Praised for its comfort and style, it's perfect for those on the go.
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Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 8.10.15 PM.png__PID:2629f553-109e-4db7-bed1-015ae7eb9d17 spotlighted Bamtech for our commitment to American-made quality. They featured us as a prime example of U.S. craftsmanship and sustainable production.
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In a chat with Bold Journey, Brent Kappes, founder of Bamtech, talked about starting his sustainable activewear company after his time in the US Navy. He highlighted the importance of being creative, delegating tasks, and staying determined. Brent also shared that Bamtech is launching a new line of men's activewear..
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Voyage Magazine just dropped a feature on our very own Brent Kappes and his journey with Bamtech. He talks about turning bamboo’s cool benefits into awesome socks and the real challenges of getting our gear from military bids to your closet. Read the article here :

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Canvas Rebel Magazine recently featured Brent Kappes of Bamtech discussing the early challenges of his business. Initially aiming for military adoption, he pivoted to the civilian market due to unforeseen hurdles, a move that has been both challenging and enlightening for the company's growth in e-commerce.
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Umbrella Local Heroes spotlighted Bamtech, founded by Navy veteran Brent Kappes, focusing on our unique bamboo-based antibacterial socks that help prevent athlete’s foot. Highlighting our commitment to sustainability and American manufacturing, the article celebrates Bamtech's innovative approach to eco-friendly and high-quality athletic wear, supporting both local production and veteran organizations.
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