Eco Materials



Premium Fabric Made from Eucalyptus Trees. Breathable, Versatile, and Long Lasting.

- Bamboo -


Anti- Bacterial Fabric that will flow with your movements and give you superior comfort.

- Hemp -


Durable, Tough, and easy on the skin. A Fabric that will make your garments last for years.

- Organic Cotton -


Better for the environment than typical cotton. Moisture wicking and soft on skin.

Our Effort To Save The Environment


"Fast fashion isn't free. Someone somewhere is paying."

— Lucy Siegle

By buying sustainable, organic fibers made in the USA, you are doing

your part in transforming this world to be a more well-rounded, eco-

friendly environment. Sustainable fabrics help reduce toxic waste in our

oceans, mitigate carbon emissions, and improve water efficiency.

Bamtech is committed to manufacturing products with positive impacts

on the environment, our customers, and the individuals who help design