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Buying American Products - Quality Over Quantity

With nearly everything we buy nowadays coming from places with cheap labor costs and poor living and working conditions, it’s only natural that the quality is not going to be that great. Large clothing brands participate by ordering garments by the hundred of thousands. These garments are then forced onto workers getting paid less than a dollar a day. While the price in the of these garments in the USA might be considered “Cheap,” someone in another country is paying the high cost. When buying an American Made garment, you guarantee that the garment is being made by someone who is enjoying their craft and getting paid a living wage. 

3 Big reason to buy American

Higher Quality. Have you ever bought a shirt at the store and after a few uses it doesn't fit anymore? It's the absolute worst! Especially since you're wasting money. When buying an American garment you can guarantee that the item has been pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry when you wash the item a few times.
When buying USA, you can guarantee that the Americans making these garments are choosing this as their profession. Unlike other countries with poor labor standards, these trained American workers are making more than a living wage. These workers are also working in a safe and professional environment guaranteed to help them make the best garments on the market.

Help the Environment.
When buying garments that are made overseas there is a lengthy process which involves shipping and packing the items. While it might not seem like much, this process burns significant fossil fuels and contributes largely to the greenhouse gases negatively affecting our planet. Over 80 Billion garments are made every single year. Instead of contributing to this problem in the environment, it’s important to be a part of the solution. Buy garments that you only need to buy once.

Reduce Fast Fashion. is a well know humanitarian issue and is actually right behind the oil industry when it comes to negative effects on the environment. A well-known case of cruelties involved in fast fashion is when the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed in 2013. This killed more than 1,129 workers who were cramped together and only being paid pennies a day!

See down below a photo of the Rana Plaza tragedy caused by Fast fashion poor working conditions.

By buying sustainable USA products, you can make a difference

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